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photoAt ChildScape our philosophy is to achieve a child's zone of potential development. The curriculum is developmentally appropriate that intrigues children and gives them the spirit of engagement and enthusiasm for learning. We at ChildScape believe that play is an integral part of the learning process.

During play a child extends himself beyond his usual operational level of development. The child constructs learning, and as the child matures, a progressive and structuring of cognitive process takes place. Play is the primary mode by which young children acquire learning through a variety of media. It fosters the development of self-regulation, focused attention and deliberate memory.

photoWith a teacher/child collaboration put into joint investigation, the world around them transforms into opportunities to ask and answer thought provoking questions, investigative possibilities, foster problem solving skills and practice mid-level mental abilities which is the foundation for later academic success.

At ChildScape...

  • We empower familites with choice, opportunities and resources to support continual growth and peace of mind.
  • We provide opportunities for a child to ask questions and investigate possibilities.
  • The child is free to develop problem solving skills in a nurturing environment.
  • We work to instill a love of life-long learning in an exciting hands on atmosphere.
  • We have very satisfied and happy customers.
  • We believe play is an integral part of learning.
  • We have knowledgeable, nurturing caregivers with many years of Early Childhood Education experience.
  • Our after-school and camp for school age children provide fun activities and exciting field trips.
  • Our facility is equipped with Nanny Cams in every classroom.
  • We have good clean fun.
  • We develop partnerships with families.
  • We passionately believe early learning is the key to success.
We grow futures one child at a time.